What is preserved flowers 關於保鮮花

What is preserved flowers 關於保鮮花

Preserved flower also called eternity flower. Preserved flowers originated in France in the 90s and later became popular in Japan.

Preserved flowers are 100% natural flowers. They are made with a unique process of dehydration, decolorization, coloring, and drying to retain their original softness, shape, and luster.

The preservation process, allows the flower to keep their natural look, texture, and freshness with required no need for sunlight and water. Preserved flower might lost the original odor but this never affects their popularity and is a wise choice for people who have shown signs of flower fragrance allergies.  


保鮮花起源於90年代的法國, 經過長達 10 年的研究,於1991年,成功開發革命性的鮮花保存技術。保鮮花是100%天然鮮花。 採用獨特的脫水,脫色,著色和乾燥工藝製成,以保持其原始的柔軟度,形狀和光澤。經過特殊技術的保存, 保鮮花不需要水份和陽光,便能維持原來的新鮮外觀數年。雖然沒了天然的香氣,但保鮮花的出現,令花粉過敏的朋友也可以開始接近花卉,感受花藝的療癒。

由於此技術的種種優點,它在花卉設計界中廣受歡迎,當中包括 Christian Tortu 和 Kenneth Turner 等赫赫有名的國際花藝設計師都率先在其鮮花佈置中採用了保鮮花作為新的花材,由此引起了大眾的關注。


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